Useful Links and Addresses

To find our Den use postcode GU51 4AH. The Den is off Reading Road North, in Calthorpe Park just opposite the tennis courts.

Grid reference: 186 - 802538

Scout Headquarters in the UK:
Odiham District website:
Odiham District Scout Shop: District Scout Shop at The Crondal Scout Den
Scout Shops online: Scout Shops

Fleet Town Council: Fleet Town Council
All Saints Church, Fleet:
The Church on the Heath
Fleet Baptist Church
Churches Together in Fleet
Livingstones Bookshop, Fleet

Blackwell Adventure, Birmingham: Blackwell
Garners Field Campsite, Farnham: Farnham District Scouts
Youlbury: Youlbury Campsite
Fleet Pond: Fleet Pond Society
Circus Skills: Shooting Stars Circus Skills